Coriander and A4

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So, the items on the Gaza embargo list are there as a matter of Israel's national security?

Then, how come when Egypt opened its crossing:

Many had taken the opportunity to stock up on supplies in preparation for their return to a space where items such as coriander and A4 paper are blockaded by the Israelis.

The reason was revealed in Court documents:

"ATTENTION is again focused on Gaza after Israeli troops stormed ships that were carrying aid to the strip on May 31st, killing at least nine people. Since 2006 Israel has limited the import of various goods to the Hamas-controlled territory to a “humanitarian minimum”, though there is no official list for traders to observe. Instead, Israel makes decisions on a case-by-case basis, which has resulted in an odd assortment of prohibited items, as detailed by Gisha, an Israeli human-rights organisation."

summarised in an Economist article