Renewing the Water Bounds at Truro....


On Friday last, the water bounds of the port were renewed by the Town Council, according to ancient custom. The officers of her Majesty's Customs and other persons officially connected with the port, and some personal friends of the Town Council, were invited to take part in the proceedings. The party left the quay at nine o'clock, on board the "SYDNEY" steamer, and proceeded down the river to Messick Point, where the ancient practice of formally arresting one of her Majesty's lieges for the sum of GBP 999.19s.11 1/4 d. was gone through and the necessary bail for his appearance at the Court of Record was accepted. The other usual forms were also observed, and the boundary marks were renewed on a rock near the point.

The steamer then proceeded to the Mylor or opposite bank of the river, where the arresting was again proceeded with, and the necessary bail put in for an appearance. The boundary marks T.B. were also made at this spot, when the party returned to the steamer, and had a pleasant cruise through the harbour, and beyond the Black Rock. After this, they returned to

Cameron's massive cow shed rally... Perspective is everything in photography...

Spring - or is it summer....

Ice Cream from Sally at Godrevy today!  Glorious!

Gwithian looking glorious

The Hidden Hut, mini festival with The Staves at Lumia Live...

In the 2013 year of firsts - first trip to The Hidden Hut, first time at one of their Feast Nights and first gig of the year and first gig in Cornwall....

Carolyn, Alex, Steph, Ellie & Spohie watching The Staves



Artist Tony Plant Creates Epic Sand Etchings on Cornwall's Beaches…

Inspiring Cornish Women


And fifteen women become tens of thousands of people. It is July 26th, 1913. Hyde Park. And the South West women are there. Sharing the same oxygen.


Pondering on Whitsun....

Yesterday was WhitSunday - I remember when Whit Monday was the May Bank Holiday.. and looked up when it changed and why.

According to Wikipedia it lasted a century....

Whit Monday was officially recognised as a bank holiday in 1871 but lost this status in 1971 when the Spring Bank Holiday was created.

I'd never been quite clear on the differences between Whitsun and Pentecost


Came across an interesting mention in

The Manor of Connerton and the hundred and liberties of Penwith were separate from the Duchy of Cornwall and gave the Lord of the Manor’s special rights and privileges, but also came with additional duties (listed as in the 15th century: to do common suit to the court and mill of the manor; to act as reeve if so elected; to act as a conventionary tenant of the manor; to repair and maintain the property) ...

Another site

Big Cats - watch out Nick!

I know Nick's keen to track down a big cat so thought he might like this story from Meridian and WestCountry ITV this week..

Proof that 'big cats' existed

The rediscovery of a mystery animal in Bristol museum’s underground storeroom proves that a non-native ‘big cat’ prowled the British countryside at the turn of the last century.

9:01 am, Thu 25 Apr 2013

Scientists prove that 'big cats' roamed the countryside

The Canadian Lynx was discovered in Bristol Museum's storeroom Credit: Southampton University



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