Brexit | Hard to take issue with a single word of the first Evening Standard editorial under its new editor, George Osborne

The question about our membership of the EU was,
however, the only question the British people were asked.
They were not asked about erecting trade barriers with key
export markets, ending collaboration on European science
or ceasing to co-operate with key neighbours on security
issues. British taxpayers were not asked to provide ongoing
subsidies to farmers, or about intervening in free markets to
support failing companies. On immigration, the public
clearly has concerns - but, as our exclusive poll today
shows, the public wants Britain to remain (as it always has
been) a destination for people across Europe who bring
their skills and work ethic to support our economy and
contribute to our society. The British people don’t want
clumsy immigration controls to contribute to the rising
prices we are already seeing as a result of Brexit. British
businesses want reassurance that they will continue to be
able to hire the right people to do the right jobs. Given these
competing pressures, it is not surprising our poll today
shows the public remains to be convinced that the
Government can meet its pledge to reduce immigration

Please use your power to protect others today if you can do so safely - What to do if you are witnessing harassment

Transfield rebrands refugee torture....

Adam Johnson on Twitter: "meanwhile, NYT has gall to insist Russia acting "unilaterally" w/o consulting NATO states

"Please change your fingerprints at next login"

Just imagine UK media headlines if Russian President called a leading opposition party threat to national security?

What an absolutely wonderful skewering of Chris Grayling's 'heroism' bill by Lord Pannick...

Seen on Twitter - What an absolutely wonderful skewering of Chris Grayling's 'heroism' bill by Lord Pannick....

Mr James O'Brien - holding Iain Duncan-Smith to account - and he really doesn't like it!

Just heard the best political interview in years - James O'Brien knew his facts, refused to be browbeaten and kept politely and firmly insisting the Iain Duncan-Smith learns to listen to inconvenient facts... he wasn't successful of course but it was massively illuminating. 

Listen to the amazing exchange in full below

It's abundantly clar that Iain Duncan-Smith has no idea of what the Court of Appeal actually ruled nor about the fact that Caitlin Reilly was required to give up a more relevant piece of work experience (she did not 'volunteer' to for work experience entirely unsuited to getting her paid work).

Chilcot should look at the ricin plot

The ricin plot continues to thicken slowly from

New Statesman - Fisking Blair's chapter on Iraq

The most brilliant demolition job on Blair's version of reality with those pesky little facts....

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