Gaza Flotilla II Underway

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Many brave people are going with the Gaza Flotilla II assembling in the Med right now.  The Zionist Entity has made its usual revolting attempts to stop the ships before they sail and smear the people but the ships are going.  Shame on Greece, Cyprus, The USA, Canada, France and Australia for telling their citizens not to participate.  Interestingly The Zionist Entity is claiming that people on the flotilla entering Gazan waters 'will be treated as individuals having attempted to enter Israel illegally' (Jerusalem Post) thus demonstrating that they consider Gaza to be under the authority of the Zionist Entity... and thus confirming that Gaza is an occupied territory - with all that implies under International 'Law'.  I put Law in quotes since it is glaringly obvious that the 'Law' only applies to those in favour with the West (British soldiers are 'unlawfully killed' while fighting in Afgnanistan) and not others (Palestine, Afghanis 'hellfired' by drones for being SUSPECTED insurgents!!).

Gaza Flotilla II