So how long has Canada had reading of rights?

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Looking up history of Kojak on Wikipedia came across ...

In Canada, some Canadians were concerned that the show left an impression in Canadian youth that they had rights, such as to be informed of an offense, and that it depicted American police reading people their rights in accordance with the [url=]Miranda ruling[/url]. In his 1980 book [i]Deference to Authority: The Case of Canada[/i], American sociologist Edgar Fredenberg who came to Canada in the early 1970s to avoid the draft was concerned that Canadians were more upset over depictions of Americans practising their civil rights on a TV show dealing with civil rights issues than that they did not have those rights. In 1982, the right to be informed of a criminal offense and of one's rights was enumerated in the [url=]Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms[/url]. Amazing..