Anyone for a Noyau?

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Beech Noyau

A noyau is typically a cordial made from brandy, gin, cognac etc.
However, this is a classic British version made using young beech


1 bottle of gin (700ml), 225g white sugar, 200ml brandy, 400ml young beech leaves.


Using only very young beech leaves, freshly stripped from the stem. Add
these to a bottle or glass jar (with a secure lid) until the vessel is
half full. Add the bottle of gin then stopper the jar and store for 3
weeks before straining the alcohol off. Meanwhile add the sugar and
300ml water to a pan and bring to a boil. Take off the heat and allow to
cool before mixing with the flavoured gin and the brandy. Pour into
bottles and store.

Beech Noyau