Poem - The Last Time

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Through hazy years and memories faded, I see a glimmer of your smile,
how I wish I'd changed my plans and stayed with you a while,

will you be ok I asked, as we parted ways that day,
you told me not to worry, that all would be ok

I wish I'd held you longer, I wish there'd been a sign,
I wish I'd known as we said goodbye that this was the last time

last time I'd hear your voice, last time our eyes would meet,
the last time I'd feel whole again, the last time I'd be free

Free to laugh without constraint, that lightness now diminished,
the joy in every moment curbed, the day your story finished

Free from the torment of things unsaid, of leaving you behind,
of every way I hurt you, of wasting so much time

Time I took for granted, time I thought we had,
time to do all the crazy things that we'd always planned

As I live this life without you, for however long I've got,
I'll make the most of every minute, I'll make the most of every shot

I'll throw myself at life leaving all of me behind,
so I can smile into the rear view mirror when I look back for the last time

via River City - 25/03/2019 BBC Scotland

"In loving memory of Alison Code