Inspiring Cornish Women

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And fifteen women become tens of thousands of people. It is July 26th, 1913. Hyde Park. And the South West women are there. Sharing the same oxygen.


NUWSS march from Land's End to  London; known as 'The  Pilgrimage'  1913Imagine that fifteen women gather. They have a conversation that maps eight geographic arteries across England (like points on a compass) and Wales. These arteries reach out towards a singular destination, (like roots forming a tree). The destination is Hyde Park. It’s June, 1913 and the Great Suffrage Pilgrimage begins.

In Cornwall, women start. Start walking along one of these arteries. Carrying a banner saying: Land’s End to Hyde Park.

What they want is to end child poverty.?What they want is to stop the white slave traffic. What they want is to end sweated labour.

But they know they can’t do this unless they have the right to vote. So they go where the heat is. To rally. To recruit. To be heard. Showing great courage in the face of opposi6on. In Cornwall, women start. Walking all the way. Many joining them. Marking border crossings. Singing the same songs. Placing one foot in front of another. Together.