Let us not forget the wise words of Josh from the West Wing...

Thoughtful words - grief

As part of the comment on the cot death storyline in Eastenders Giles Fraser had an article in The Guardian with a very interesting quote

For there is no version of "it is going to be all right" that can work in circumstances such as these - nothing religious, no homespun wisdom about time being a great healer, no kindly meant distraction. Few people have the confidence to walk empty-handed into the pain of another and be prepared to do nothing other than accompany them in their grief.

1904, Conservative, Communism

Great article in The Guardian with Bo Jo on apparently sparkling form

For example

"The Tory mayor said he was determined to spark a cycling renaissance in London. In 1904, 20% of all journeys in the city were made by bike, he said, 'and if you can't turn the clock back to 1904, what's the point of being a Conservative?'"

"'It took a Conservative mayor to do a deeply, deeply communist thing.'"


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