Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

More troubles for the IPCC

Learning the right lessons

Saw a piece earlier in the Guardian about Steve Keen, the Australian econonmist who seems to have been more right than most on the crisis and actually saw it coming.

Larry Elliot has a good piece in The Guardian today

In breach of constitutional principle that access to justice is a right, and its absence "an enemy of the rule of law"

Thought the Guardian called it right again

  • Legal aid reform: poor law

    Editorial: change is never painless, but it needs tackling with a surgeon's scalpel, not the scythe that Ken Clarke has armed himself with

I particularly liked

Thoughtful contributions on alienation

So, in his testimony to the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee Rupert Murdoch says:

Murdoch - Campbell - Blair

So, in his testimony to the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee Rupert Murdoch says:

Q224 Jim Sheridan: Mr Blair visited you halfway round the world, before the 1997 election. Anyway, that does not matter.

Rupert Murdoch: That was something that Mr Cameron arranged—Campbell.

Meanwhile in Letters Guardian

Hugh Grant for President?

The News International #notw story has probably been done to death - though I remain concerned that the big issues are being lost in the 'hacking' of phones (which of course wasn't hacking at all).

Seems to me that the real issue is privacy and ownership of data and we're reaching a tipping point where hopefully we might get some proper rights for once!


In the meantime - I loved Hugh Grant's comments in the Guardian which to me hit the nail firmly on the head

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Gaza Flotilla II Underway

Many brave people are going with the Gaza Flotilla II assembling in the Med right now.  The Zionist Entity has made its usual revolting attempts to stop the ships before they sail and smear the people but the ships are going.  Shame on Greece, Cyprus, The USA, Canada, France and Australia for telling their citizens not to participate.  Interestingly The Zionist Entity is claiming that people on the flotilla entering Gazan waters 'will be treated as individuals having attempted to enter Israel illegally' (Jerusalem Post) thus demonstrating that they consider Gaza to be under the authority of the Zionist Entity...

CS spray used on protestors - how safe is it?

Two more interesting letters today from:

Chilcot should look at the ricin plot

The ricin plot continues to thicken slowly from

CPS and Police can't see illegal - Information Commissioner can!

So, the News of the World phone hacking saga drags on.... and then reading about Andy Gray being a sexist pillock you come across:


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