Blotting a Moscow copybook

Blotting your copybook (from Fears Russian wildfires could drive radioactive Chernobyl waste ...)

Yury Luzhkov left for holidays and "treatment for a serious sports injury" as the city sweltered on 2 August and did not return until Sunday, several days after a toxic cloud had enveloped Moscow.

Extracts from Baroness Manningham-Buller DCB testimony to Iraq Chilcot inquiry

Couple of exchanges from  Baroness Manningham-Buller DCB (Deputy Director General, Security Service until 2002  Director General, Security Service, 2002 to 2007)'s testimony to the Chilcot enquiry

SIR LAWRENCE FREEDMAN: Were you given sight of some of the material produced by the Pentagon?
BARONESS MANNINGHAM-BULLER: I don't think I was. Probably a good thing; it would have made me cross.

on the Pentagon

Bin Henry VIII clauses, Ken Clarke told The lord chief justice used the lord mayor's annual dinner to give Ken Clarke a firm t


Bin Henry VIII clauses, Ken Clarke told

  • guardian.co.uk,
    Thursday July 15 2010
  • Joshua Rozenberg
Although the Lord Mayor's annual dinner for the judiciary looks like a
scene from a Savoy opera, nobody should be distracted by the
anachronistic pikemen and musketeers, by the strikingly tall city
marshal in his red and gold uniform or by the swordbearer wearing his
fur shtreimel.
In reality this is the judiciary's works outing. However magnificent
the Mansion House banquet m

(...)arcane but highly significant power that ministers are taking increasingly often. "Henry VIII clauses should be confined to the dustbin of history," the (...)


What do 'others' think - and who are 'others'?

From The Guardian

The logic of joined up thinking.... or the foolhardiness of believe consultation

So, in the cost-cutting programme which saw 140 Post Office branches closed, Carharrack was deemed unviable as it wasn't busy enough.  But not to worry, the locals were told there would be a mobile 'replacement' service....

But this week (as reported in the Western Morning News Wednesday 10th January 2010), 'The Post Office has rejected calls for a mobile branch to call at Carharrack in Cornwall'... apparently telling Julia Goldsworthy that an outreach service would struggle to cope with demand and threaten the long-term viability of alternative branches...

And MP's wonder why we think they're not fit to govern


There are aspects of the expenses claim decision from Sir Thomas Legg that are disputable (changing the rules retrospectively, arbitrarily lumping all forms of cleaning together under a single cap, failing to establish the degree of culpability between the claimants and the Fees Office, failing to establish why not all MPs were apparently advised the same.. I could go on..) - but any MP who can say - straight-faced -as reported in The Guardian

Ezra Nawi

In praise of ... Ezra Nawi

Good governance - an impossible dream?

Simon Jenkins makes serveral sharp points in


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