Cornish Feast of St Erth (also known as Erc), patron saint of St Erth near Hayle

Today is the Cornish Feast of St Erth (also known as Erc), patron saint of St Erth near Hayle. An Irishman and brother to Ia (St Ives) and Uny, Erc was converted by St Patrick and traveled to Cornwall. He would later return to Ireland, living to the age of 93

Sat, 31/10/2020

October 24th: Feast of St Magloire of Dol

1823 "The Great October Gale"

The "Great October Gale" of 1823

The first warning of the
approach of this great storm was made by the huers from the hills, who
saw the hurricane spreading over the horizon and advancing towards the
shore. The sean- boats were ordered home from stem, and arrived in the
harbour only just in time before the full fury of the storm burst upon
the town.

A brig which sailed from Hayle shortly before was seen to be suddenly taken aback and founder, stern first, with all hands.

is said that not a particle of sand remained upon Porthminster Beach,
the whole being swept away by the force of the waves, leaving the rocks
exposed for the full length of the Cove.

Thu, 30/10/1823


Allantide (Cornish: Kalan Gwav, meaning first day of winter, or Nos Kalan Gwav, meaning eve of the first day of winter and Dy' Halan Gwav, meaning day of the first day of winter), also known as Saint Allan's Day or the Feast of Saint Allan,[1] is a Cornish
festival that was traditionally celebrated on the night of 31 October,
as well as the following day time, and known elsewhere as Allhallowtide.[2][3]

Wed, 31/10/2018

Amazing pumpkins for RNLI

The best pumpkin lifeboat? -

She’s the best pumpkin lifeboat in the fleet #17-36

27 October 2017 - This Winter Palace clock was stopped 100yrs ago when Bolsheviks seized power - started again

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