Feast Days

Pleiades: Japanese Festival of lanthorns, celebrated about November


November 1 marked as All Saints' Day, and in the pre-Reformation calendars the last day of October was marked All Hallow Eve, and the 2nd of November as All Souls'; indicating clearly a three days' festival of the dead, commencing in the evening, and originally regulated by the Pleiades—an emphatic testimony how much astronomy has been mixed up with the rites and customs even of the English of[Pg 125] to-day. In former days the relics were more numerous, in the Hallowe'en torches of the Irish, the bonfires of the Scotch, the coel-coeth fires of the Welsh, and the tindle fires of Cornwall, all lighted on Hallowe'en. In France it still lingers more than here, for to this very day the Parisians at this festival repair to the cemeteries, and lunch at the graves of their ancestors.

December 12th: Feast Day of St Bugga of Thanet

October 24th: Feast of St Magloire of Dol

June 29th: Feast of St Peter and St Paul

June 28th: Feast of St Marcella

June 26th: Feast of Sts John and Paul. They were eunuchs in the household of the Empress Constantia

June 24th: It is the Feast of the Holy Fairies in the western Carpathian Mountains today


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