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The vultures of Spain, however, skirt around the Portuguese border with uncanny accuracy.… Blog entry 1 week 5 days
Found on film: the last survivor of the final slave ship from Africa to the US Blog entry 1 week 5 days
Poem - The Last Time Blog entry 3 weeks 4 days
Quote - You wait for one great shocking occasion, thinking that others, when such a shock comes, will join with you in resisting Blog entry 4 weeks 5 days
Burns Day On This Day 12 weeks 1 day
Lughnasa, Calan Awst the Calends of August On This Day 12 weeks 3 days
Allantide On This Day 12 weeks 3 days
Beautiful sunrise on the beach at Longrock, Cornwall. Image 19 weeks 3 days
Quote - Farewell, poor world, I must be gone. Thou art no home, no rest to me. I take my ship and travel on till I a better worl Blog entry 20 weeks 1 day
Europe Image 20 weeks 5 days
Quote - Inevitably. When you’re asked to buy a pig in a poke, first question should be “why does this pig have to be inside... Blog entry 22 weeks 3 days
Stanislav Yevgrafovich Petrov day On This Day 29 weeks 2 days
Sunrise and Moonrise on the same day. With the #HarvestMoon rising behind St Michaels mount in Cornwall this evening Image 29 weeks 3 days
It's good for the soul to be responsible for something or someone Blog entry 29 weeks 4 days
1755 Earthquake at Lisbon causes Tsunami for Cornwall On This Day 33 weeks 3 days
POINT ME TO HEAVEN WHEN THE FINAL CHAPTER COMES | Terry Pratchett | Mail on Sunday, 2 August 2009 Blog entry 34 weeks 6 days
The BBC series of Quatermass and the Pit is up on the iPlayer for the next few months Blog entry 35 weeks 1 day
1912 | Science Notes and News. COAL CONSUMPTION AFFECTING CLIMATE Blog entry 35 weeks 2 days
ALBA a whole country in 3 minutes Blog entry 35 weeks 3 days
Quote - Learning to fill your empty places... Blog entry 38 weeks 6 days
Quote - The reason that the rich were so rich, Vimes reasoned, was because they managed to spend less money Blog entry 41 weeks 3 days
1st March.—In Mid-Cornwall, people arise before the sun is up, and sweep before the door to sweep away fleas On This Day 44 weeks 2 days
Renewing the Water Bounds at Truro.... Blog entry 44 weeks 2 days
A Delicate Truth Biblio 46 weeks 1 day
Almost two-fifths (38%) of particulate matter comes from domestic wood burners and open fires, used by 7.5% of homes Blog entry 47 weeks 4 days
1646 | Cornvbia sive Cornwallia | Joan Blaeu Image 50 weeks 1 day
Marvellous Magnolias Image 50 weeks 2 days
Heligan Rhododendron Time Lapse Image 50 weeks 2 days
Bees and Echinops Image 50 weeks 2 days
Chernyobl 26th April 1986 On This Day 51 weeks 3 days
Godrevy view Image 1 year 3 days
March: Storm Moon On This Day 1 year 4 weeks
If weather on February 1 is bright and sunny, so can gather plenty of firewood - winter will continue! On This Day 1 year 4 weeks
If St. Paul’s day be fair and clear, It doth betide a happy year; If blustering winds do blow aloft. Then wars will trouble our realm full oft; And if it chance to snow or rain, Then will be dear all sorts of grain On This Day 1 year 4 weeks
St Peter’s Day Lore On This Day 1 year 4 weeks
Explosion at Dynamite Towans On This Day 1 year 5 weeks
Word(s) of the day: "zawn" - wave-smashed cleft or chasm in a sea-cliff (from Cornish sâwn/sawan) Blog entry 1 year 6 weeks
Word(s) of the day: "rionnach maoim"...'the moving shadows cast by clouds on moorland on a sunny, windy day'. Such compressed el Blog entry 1 year 6 weeks
Winnol Weather.... Blog entry 1 year 6 weeks
Clay Biblio 1 year 6 weeks
Early afternoon at @TrevoneBay #NoSnow Image 1 year 7 weeks
Soarer in the Snow February 2009 Image 1 year 7 weeks
Celebrating the snow... Image 1 year 7 weeks
Tiredness... Image 1 year 7 weeks
In the February snow at Angarrack Christmas Lights Image 1 year 7 weeks
This map shows travel time from London in 1881 Image 1 year 9 weeks
Zero-gravity hedgehogs Image 1 year 9 weeks
The new iPhone recognises your finger. #Security #Privacy #Fingerprint #rights #Mobile #Apple #Samsung Image 1 year 9 weeks