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Beautiful sunrise on the beach at Longrock, Cornwall. Image 6 days 20 hours
Quote - Farewell, poor world, I must be gone. Thou art no home, no rest to me. I take my ship and travel on till I a better worl Blog entry 1 week 4 days
Europe Image 2 weeks 1 day
Quote - Inevitably. When you’re asked to buy a pig in a poke, first question should be “why does this pig have to be inside... Blog entry 3 weeks 6 days
Stanislav Yevgrafovich Petrov day On This Day 10 weeks 5 days
Sunrise and Moonrise on the same day. With the #HarvestMoon rising behind St Michaels mount in Cornwall this evening Image 10 weeks 6 days
It's good for the soul to be responsible for something or someone Blog entry 11 weeks 22 hours
1755 Earthquake at Lisbon causes Tsunami for Cornwall On This Day 14 weeks 6 days
POINT ME TO HEAVEN WHEN THE FINAL CHAPTER COMES | Terry Pratchett | Mail on Sunday, 2 August 2009 Blog entry 16 weeks 2 days
The BBC series of Quatermass and the Pit is up on the iPlayer for the next few months Blog entry 16 weeks 4 days
1912 | Science Notes and News. COAL CONSUMPTION AFFECTING CLIMATE Blog entry 16 weeks 5 days
ALBA a whole country in 3 minutes Blog entry 16 weeks 6 days
Quote - Learning to fill your empty places... Blog entry 20 weeks 2 days
Quote - The reason that the rich were so rich, Vimes reasoned, was because they managed to spend less money Blog entry 22 weeks 6 days
1st March.—In Mid-Cornwall, people arise before the sun is up, and sweep before the door to sweep away fleas On This Day 25 weeks 5 days
Renewing the Water Bounds at Truro.... Blog entry 25 weeks 5 days
A Delicate Truth Biblio 27 weeks 4 days
Almost two-fifths (38%) of particulate matter comes from domestic wood burners and open fires, used by 7.5% of homes Blog entry 29 weeks 16 hours
1646 | Cornvbia sive Cornwallia | Joan Blaeu Image 31 weeks 4 days
Marvellous Magnolias Image 31 weeks 4 days
Heligan Rhododendron Time Lapse Image 31 weeks 4 days
Bees and Echinops Image 31 weeks 4 days
Chernyobl 26th April 1986 On This Day 32 weeks 6 days
Godrevy view Image 34 weeks 23 hours
March: Storm Moon On This Day 37 weeks 6 days
If weather on February 1 is bright and sunny, so can gather plenty of firewood - winter will continue! On This Day 38 weeks 1 day
If St. Paul’s day be fair and clear, It doth betide a happy year; If blustering winds do blow aloft. Then wars will trouble our realm full oft; And if it chance to snow or rain, Then will be dear all sorts of grain On This Day 38 weeks 1 day
St Peter’s Day Lore On This Day 38 weeks 1 day
Explosion at Dynamite Towans On This Day 39 weeks 20 hours
Word(s) of the day: "zawn" - wave-smashed cleft or chasm in a sea-cliff (from Cornish sâwn/sawan) Blog entry 39 weeks 6 days
Word(s) of the day: "rionnach maoim"...'the moving shadows cast by clouds on moorland on a sunny, windy day'. Such compressed el Blog entry 39 weeks 6 days
Winnol Weather.... Blog entry 40 weeks 2 days
Clay Biblio 40 weeks 3 days
Early afternoon at @TrevoneBay #NoSnow Image 40 weeks 4 days
Soarer in the Snow February 2009 Image 40 weeks 5 days
Celebrating the snow... Image 40 weeks 5 days
Tiredness... Image 40 weeks 6 days
In the February snow at Angarrack Christmas Lights Image 40 weeks 6 days
This map shows travel time from London in 1881 Image 43 weeks 18 hours
Zero-gravity hedgehogs Image 43 weeks 19 hours
The new iPhone recognises your finger. #Security #Privacy #Fingerprint #rights #Mobile #Apple #Samsung Image 43 weeks 21 hours
A spectacular aerial view of the expansive ruins of the #Roman military colony of Timgad (Batna), Algeria Image 43 weeks 22 hours
Word(s) of the day: “scréachóg reilige” - ‘screecher of the cemetery’; Irish name for the barn owl. Also “cailleach-oidhche ghea Blog entry 43 weeks 5 days
Word of the day: "clinkerbell" - icicle (Somerset; archaic). Other regional names for icicles include "aquabob" (Kent), "ickle" Blog entry 51 weeks 4 days
November 2017 Weather Book page 1 year 6 days
Language Book page 1 year 1 week
Word of the day: “Eisvogel” - German for kingfisher, literally “ice-bird”; in Russian Зимородок, lit. “winter-born” Blog entry 1 year 1 week
Marazion November 2017 Image 1 year 1 week