Nearly There / Nearly Home Trees

Nearly There / Nearly Home Trees

Spotted on Etsy - Nearly There / Nearly Home Trees. Hand Made Fused Glass Picture. Freestanding, Individual Well Loved Landmark to the Gateway of Cornwall


Unique and original freestanding, fused glass picture of the Nearly Home / Nearly There trees. Close to the Cornwall border and loved by many cornish locals and visitors alike. This detailed fused glass picture is a reminder of being close to Cornish soil and brings back that feeling of joy of knowing that your nearly there. Its wave shape allows the piece to be displayed on virtually any flat surface. This picture was handmade from start to finish by me in my workshop at Trebarvah, which overlooks Perranuthnoe beach in the far west of my beloved Cornwall.

After cutting, shaping, decorating and putting the pieces of glass together it was fired in a kiln to a very high temperature. This resulted in fusing the pieces of glass together to make one slightly textured glass picture. It was then heated for a second time whilst on a mould to achieve the wave shape.

All of my art is hand crafted and therefore unique and individual,as no two pieces of hand made fused glass are ever exactly the same.

• Display Method: Freestanding Wave
• Materials: Sheet Glass, Glass Powder and glass frit.
• Dimensions: (L) 25cm x (H) 10cm x (D) 6mm

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