You've found Russell & Carol. We're lucky enough to live in a beautiful part of Cornwall with Astra the rescue dog and a lot of computers. We sometimes get around to blogging about things which interest/enrage us.

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October 2023

After a brightish start, the rain is back, but so are the birds. We've seen a peak of about 18 Gold Finches (hard to count!), a new one for us which we've tentatively identified as a Dunnock - with an outside chance it's a Grasshopper Warbler...! - and today brought what seems likely to have been a Kestrel - though not targeting the smaller birds (the rain seems to have put them off after a generous breakfast and lunch earlier(!), the kestrel just flew in, rested on the bird feeder, then moved to the fence and then moved on.  Leaves still holding on - we've had a couple of nights down to 8C so far. The Gaura and Sages have loved the weather - despite it being damp, and the Rhubarb's had a great year - the Dahlia's have sulked though. Despite the couple of chillier nights still no sign of needing any heating.

September 2023

And summer is back with a bang at the start of September, just in time for some lovely visitors. Really warm for a week, peaking at 28.9C on 6th; overnight _low_ on 4th was 19.5! Quite astonishing weather!

The latter end of September went quite wet, but on the plus side South West Water !finally! lifted the hosepipe ban - supposedly because of water levels at Colliford a mere fifty miles away...

August 2023

After thinking July was wet, August was wetter! and one night of down to only 10C.

July 2023

After the six weeks of glorious summer - though very dry - July is wet (much needed) and gloomy and the plants have really slowed down.  Even the weeds are slow.

Have managed some patio time, and some visitors after Wedmin ;)

June 2023

Surprisingly chilly overnights - even as low as 6.6C on the 3rd and 9.9C as late as the 7th, making putting things out tricky.

Possibly the best year for the Hebe. But everywhere is really really dry.

May 2023

A bit gloomy - 25th about the best and persistently low overnight temperatures, just 48mm of rain, so not likely to lift ongoing hosepipe ban from August 2022.

April 2023

Spring came wafting in, 88mm of rain and 2.1C lowest overnight... April 17th best of the bunch for temperature; April 10th for sunniness.

March 2023

The sunshine of February has been washed away by the rains of March, 149.62 mm so far and more to come - and we still have a hosepipe ban! so a poor month for the panels. Chilly for West Cornwall too - only 1.8C overnight on 27th... But been a great year for Snowflakes, pink Camellia, Skimmia and a good one for Daffodils and Siberian Purslane.


February 2023

Glorious sunshine back again... the snowdrops, daffodils are lovely, and the early Camellias joining them. Birds everywhere, and glimpses of Snowflakes.. spring is coming.

January 2023

A sunny start and then more unusually cold weather for Cornwall.


December 2022

After the rains of November, December started cold and sunny - quite cold for Cornwall, down to 0C for several days in a row, hail and ice...

November 2022

After a really warm autumn which confused many plants - the yellow rhododendron came into flower and so did the maple! - the cooler - and a lot wetter! 'real' November has arrived with wind warnings and almost 250mm of rain so far in November! (Cornwall still under a hosepipe ban of course!)

September 2022

Been a while since updated, not for lack of things happening. Weather-wise a strange year, cold nights surprisingly late in the spring, then two patches of over 30C even here in Cornwall, then a hosepipe ban as the rain returned, and the cold night return in mid-September, much of the garden is confused! though beautiful Echium's this year.

May 2022

Said goodbye to Astra, with much thanks.



December 2021

Nice to see visitors before another Christmas.

November 2021

Celebrating with a barrel for rubies.

December 2020

Chilly start, so had to give up with the sandals - but some lovely sunshine... so still no need for heating. Birds have been busy with the berries - Cotoneaster, Ivy and Leycesterii still easily favourites. One of the blackbirds has been ingenously leaping from other plants (and lemonry roof!) to try to get the most dngly berries

November 2020

Wet and windy start - but some glorious sunshine too and still pretty warm for November so sandals still the order of the day - and a lovely day on the patio too! Enjoyed our luniversary.

October 2020

October - warm and wet, with a beautiful moon. Parsley, tomatoes and runner beans still going on - while the scabious just seem to get better and better. Overall a gloomy month - in more ways than one, and only a sunny 31st helped it struggle up to be only the second worst solar October.

September 2020

September starts bright and sunny in a gap between storms - forecast wet again tomorrow though!

August 2020

The month of Parsley, with some courgettes, french beans, spring onions and tomatoes too! Been glooomy which hasn't been helping the tomatoes ripen quickly. Second worst August from the point of view of the panels - and would have been worse if it hadn't been the sunniest August Bank Holiday Monday for many years!

On the night of 29th temperature even dropped to 6 at weather station in Hayle.

July 2020

Neither June nor July (so far) have held a candle to May's summer which was weeks of glorious unbroken sunshine - though making adding new plants to the kitchen garden a challenge.

Garlic harvest has been superb.

November 2019

Still wet!! Operation Kitchen Garden going very well... lovely to see productive even at this time of year! Still busy with Christmas Lights... the weather gods seem to have ordered only wet Saturdays and better Sundays for the last few weeks... also been windy! About the worst possible combination for electrics!! hoping for a drier spell...!

October 2019

Squelches in.... back to The Mexico, and our long awaited trip to Trevone, a small sunny jewel in ten days of rain/mizzle! Lovely weather, tide just perfect, lovely lazy day paddling and enjoying the sun.

September 2019

Slips in sneakily.... back to The Mexico, discovered Dark Fire, and an especially lovely week in the middle, entertaining Shaun & Carolyn & Ellie... tomatoes still going well and runner beans great, sweetcorn coming... Sweetcorn fab! must do more next year... lovely sunny weather almost to the end of September...

August 2019

August arrives bringing a welcome return for Sarah and Kenny....

July 2019

Amazing summer, grateful to be in the slightly cooler coastal climate of Cornwall as Heathrow claims a new highest temperature. Has been - very - hot, enjoying opening all the doors & roof, Thalictrum looking glorious. Extraordinary TdF. Lovely BBQs with friends. Final?! snagging... And ends with a storm!

June 2019

Welcomed Mark on one of his whistlestop tours of the country. Gerald - with a side order of Tanquerey 10 and Hilary showed me how to make a lovely Rhubarb gin, so inspired to try making some calamondin gin - pretty successfully!Now just need calamondin to flower again!

April 2019

Spring was glorious, though the beginning and latter part of April and May and June was all about Gerald. Charlotte, Matt, Sarah and Kenny visited, much WaggleDancing!

March 2019

Spring is busting out all over - the daffodils seem really early, nearly over at the start of March

February 2019

Made up for January's missing sun in just the first few days!

January 2019

Seems mild, but not very sunny. No solar records this month! but hardly any heating either.

December 2018

Lovely Christmas, figuring out the new places to put things!

November 2018

More lights... Gerald's visit had to be postponed. Try again when weather's better!

October 2018

Christmas Lights season on us again. Took Gail and Nigel to see Trevone, no pizza! Flying Scotsman on viaduct.

September 2018

Gerald visiting again to see what we look like after the building works, started Bubble Monday tradition, Lovely trip to Trevone.

August 2018

Enjoying the lovely weather, and fantastic BBQs with friends... too relaxed to do more!

July 2018

The amazing summer goes on! Courgettes and tomatoes doing well. Garden coming along.

June 2018

Another brilliant anniversary trip. Rare Plant Fair trip. Duck Races! Fun on the beach... New bed arrived just in time for.. great visit from Gerald. Weather fabulous and sunny, maybe a bit too hot?

May 2018

More building, video unit, snagging. Building stopped! made marmalade.. Carpet fitting. Window cleaning. Finally got to start gardening!

April 2018

A blur of building, decisions and visitors. Lovely trip to Mexico, busy planning Fun Day. Greenhouse day! and anniversaries of wardrobes and allotment. Sad to say goodbye to Claire. Heating finally off. Fabulous trip to Penzance Running Day, the double decker views were amazing! Then the car failed MOT... Lovely trip to The Lodge..

March 2018

From frosty snow and sub zero temperatures March 1st, while Celebrating the snow... to just above freezing rain and a few clumps of surviving snow... and then just before Piran Day glorious sunshine, like we'd been catapulted into May! how quickly it changes.

Looking forward to welcoming Simes for his first trip of the year, opening visiting season as usual!

February 2018

And the chaos moves into three more rooms! A few snow flakes 6th February for a couple of hours, quie exciting in West Cornwall! Winter Olympics brings wall to wall curling. Lovely to welcome Shaun & Carolyn as first visitors to see changes. Fabulous visit = first of year - to Trengwainton to see the magnolias looking glorious against the blue sky.  Early days yet, but several in flower as well as lots of camellias. End of the month brings the Cold from the east - day time temperatures of -2.7C - as well as Storm Emma bringing March in like a whole pride of lions!

January 2018

Still suprisingly mild so no more than occasssional heating. Enjoyed a slightly unusual Christmas tree free Christmas due to ongoing building works which started up again in earnest after Twelfth Night. Still hunting a green carpet - apparently impossible unless you like pale green. Lovely time of year to have doors and windows open and damp plaster everwhere, still it will all be worth it... Had to harvest and clear the tomatoes on the 10th, they would have made Russell's birthday, but we need the Lemonry for the building works. Temporarily living out of bedroom, so a little squashed! Living Room about done for Russell's birthday which is nice! Astra had us at the emergency vet which was considerably less nice, but she's on the mend.

December 2017

Arrives surprisingly mild and with Switch On taking all the attention as usual, but the weather was kind - dry and only lightly breezy and not too cold. Fantastic fun with the amazing Big Organ - lots of people dancing, excellent mulled wine at the pub too!

November 2017

How can it be November already?! Despite frosts up country still quite warm down here... battling a pesky cold but lovely sitting in the Lemonry. Insulation going up on the new bit too, no frost or heating yet as still quite mild. Small hiccup of building but still not quite there yet! Frustrating!!The crab apple decided to flower and has now put out some shoots at the end of its bracnhes.  It is a very mild year!

More visiting and visitors - lovely time with Steph and Alex! Then a whizz up for Gerald's late birthday, then back for more visiting (and more Chiristmas Lights of course)

Middle of November and the weather has given us a small flick! Two nights with temperatures down to 2C at Foundry and we were away too which always cools the house a little, yet still no heating - it's a record! Back to balmier 13/11C so we'll see how long we can go!

October 2017

October started very very sunny. Runner beans, French beans still going, a stray courgette too! Fabulous sweetcorn harvest! Quite a big tomato harvest. The surprise visits in 2017 continued with a brilliant visit with Vaida, Nick, Colter and Ushra with Skittles, Sunday lunch, Trevone and Ice Cream in Padstow. Lovely apple harvest, and work beings on another year of Christmas Lights.

September 2017

September passed in a bit of a blur! Visits to Gerald and a wonderful mini-holiday in Crowle. Another great Polytunnel party. Great catch up with James and Libby. Visit to Coverack and Sunday lunch with Shaun & Carolyn. Great month for birthday parties too.

August 2017

August starts where July left off! Sweetcorn and squashes to look forward to. Firepit fun. Angarrack Inn anniversary party..  More building work including arrieal of The Window!

July 2017

July is a mix of lovely warm summer evenings, and torrential rain! Had to bail some of the planters out before the plants drown! Kitchen garden coming on, first outdoor cucumber, french beans, runner beans & broad beans. Tall peas nearly here, sweetcorn coming on well. After digging the world's biggest hole with the world's smallest digger the overflow is back in action... and more building measuring. More building work too. Brilliant surprise visit from Murray and Paula.

June 2017

June seems to think that it's April - we've narrowly avoided being blown to Ireland! 55 MPH gusts is quite something in June with the treees in full leaf, but we're still here and when it's sunny it's lovely!

May 2017

First week of May (ignoring May Day itself!) continues sunny and warmer overnight... looking forward to Gerald's visit soon. Lots happening this month - the 'repatriate the allotment' projects gone quite well, with over 10 troughs and pots planted with a variety of things and some more seeds on their way.  The Lemonry is beseiged with Tomato plants, and time to start the sweetcorn.  Gerlad's visit started with quite nice weather - and we had lovely weather on the Sunday at Carne, but the rest was pretty damp!

April 2017

Great start, lovely and sunny - though chilly nights.... great weekend hosting Simes... visits continue with another one from Shaun & Carolyn for birthday celebrations! and the amazing run of sunny weather goes on.... and on... with surprisingly few April showers so have had to water! Shaun & Carolyn back again for the end of the month and, as the byzantine gladioli break looking forward to May... Lovely visit to Trewithen though their plant nursery sadly no more. April sneakily saved 60% of its monthly rainfall for it's last day and the May Bank holiday! Burncoose garden looked spectaculr on Monday between the rain showers!

March 2017

A quiet start - no hail and no breeze... spoke too soon! March breezes gusting 50mph! Fantastic catch up with Brian and Julie - though it did sound at times like the scaffolding at the pub was going to come down on us!!!

February 2017

Mostly warm - except when very cold(!), quite a bit of hail in Hayle, together with some frosty nights - 12.6C the highest and -1.4C the coldest in Foundry, very chilly for West Cornwall hoorah for the insulation!... with 37.8mm of rain. More building, a bit of camping out and then a lovely unexpected visit from Brian, Julie and Mollie necessitating a trip to the Driftwood on the edge of a gale(!), followed by an unbirthday treat with Shaun, Carolyn and Alex and a brilliant Pancake Day with lovely cooked orange. A stormy end to February with Doris, Ewan and an unnamed one, March - in like a lion and out like a lamb?

January 2017

Starts with more celebrating for Orthodox Christmas and the last of the lights... then a bit of a lurgy, and a whirlwind of building! ending with a lovely Lemonry! Great trip to Burncoose... bought some lovely plants. Nice visit to Pencarrow to see the snowdrops and add to the Pencarrow snowdrop collection and a lovely walk around the estate.

December 2016

Welcoming Mark for one of his famous flying visits... specialising in congratulating him on his book, London Dry gin, Thai, wine and stories... then Shaun & Carolyn for switch on which was a great night! Fantastic Christmas with lovely tour, fun pantomime, great to see eople and catch up, great company food and drink - thanks to you all!

November 2016

Still mild - though a bit wet and windy in places! Lights efforts continuiing preparing for visitors next month... got colder towards the end of the month with 1.8C in Hayle - though second warmest place in Britain after Shetland apparently!

October 2016

Glorious patio weather at the weekend and again on Monday.  Waterproof again! Feels lovely!

Elves have started the Annual Christmas Lights effort for another year - the 30th! Very cold snap at the beginning of the month and some serious winds!

September 2016

Great to see James & Libby! Pretty lucky with the weather too.... Almost like someone switched something, autumn came almost overnight! but warming up and sunny again, so Indian Summer still possible.  Russell very busy on the allotment.  New washing machine - and they say life isn't exciting!

Lovely to see Ellie, Sophie, Alexis and Sarah, forced to eat Ice Cream at Mr B's and visit Birdies!

Brilliant birthday with another patch of lovely weather. Climbed Trencrom Hill which has been on to do list for ages, and lovely visit and walk around Godolphin.

August 2016

Massively wet start - twice the rain in a day from whole month of July, caused some excitement in the building works! Great visit with Charlotte and Matt - makes a change for them to see Cornwall in the summer!  Sweetcorn coming along well, beans and squashes didn't like the weather - too dry for them!

July 2016

Amazing month - like an old-fashioned summer, lovely lazy days! Fab barbecues with friends... lovely times!

June 2016

Lovely weather, enjoying the new garden furniture and the peace of the beaches.  Great anniversary visit to Trevone, pizzas still great! Globe artichokes brilliant this year.

May 2016

Cold, then warm, then cold - a month of confusion and with March winds and April showers.. but on the plus side there are May flowers too! Bluebells lasting very well...

April 2016

Stormy start to April, but bluebells are through, camellias look lovely, magnolias a little battered but bearing up well!  Visit to the Nare, St Just, Trewithen and Heligan..

March 2016

Visits from Mark and Simes start the visiting season, and what better way to start!

December 2015

Wet but the lights are better than ever, and the circular walk's great too

November 2015

Busy with Christmas lights for switch on at end of the month

October 2015

Starts with more beautiful weather, visit from Mark on his prorogation, Martin after 34! years... and meeting David and Jaimie - great weekend of talking, laughing, arguing and drinking(!)....

Work starts on 2015 Angarrack Christmas Lights...

Ends with a week of celebrations for Gerald's 86th birthday... hip hip hooray!

September 2015

Starts with the inaugural Angarrack Ale & Cider festival, on through some beautiful weather with 55% of usual rainfall, ice creams at Godrevy and the supermoon...

August 2015

Starts with a return visit for Alice... and ends with a return visit from Ellie! and a first visit from Sophie...

July 2015

Great start to July with Shaun, Carolyn and Ellie at Trevone... then another mixture of stunning beautiful days with paddling, and less stunning days! Lovely visit from Gerald, which gave way to a visit from the choir of James, Sophie, Miriam and Matt....!! Certainly a first!! Terrific TdF.. see the month out with 40mph winds and cold overnight! But on other days still sunny enough to catch some sun... odd year for weather!

June 2015

A month of many parts! When it's nice it's very very nice.... still cool overnight. Glorious anniversary trip to Padstow and Trevone, so lucky with the weather lovely sunshine, though a cheeky breeze!

May 2015

What a month - gales, hail, and glorious sun!! Probably the best year for bluebells - whether at Tehidy, Hayle River, Rinsey Head, Godolphin or hedgerows...

Weather was also very kind for the Duck Races.

Great to have the Triangular spit back properly now the work on the sluice gates have finished.

April 2015

Last couple of weeks the most amazing sunny weather - breezy at times but lovely clear blue skies.  Lots of testing of patio and first meals in the garden. Had a lovely wander round Mexico Towans..

Allotment season finally started.. first bookings for Carashed arriving...

Lovely visit from Mark, a blowy trip to visit the seals at Godrevy... some fluky misty days making St Michael's Mount look quite fairy tale.

March 2015

Managed to get to Trengwainton to see the Magnolias this week plus the eclipse and the equinox!

Russell and Valentines both got postponed but back on form with March
and our first visitor of the year - Simes... perfect weekend!

Snowflakes and Camelias with Celandine - Spring's definitiely arrived in Cornwall...

February 2015

Happy to join Nikki and Chris in their celebrations!

As we caught nasty lurgy have postponed Russell's birthday celebrations...

Snowdrops and yellow crocuses looking lovely....

Cold but lovely weekend - fantastic sunny afternoon at Godrevy.. and we're still warmer than the rest of the country!

January 2015

Nearly Russell's birthday....

The time has come to take down the Christmas Lights for another year....

Hi to Matt and Charlotte on their annual New Year visit - first visitors of the year!!

Angarrack Christmas Lights on until Twelfth Night!


December 2014

Angarrack Christmas Lights here again - the village is looking amazing with the new lights strings.

November 2014

It's Elf time - putting the Angarrack Christmas Lights up, and cooking bacon for the hard working Elves who make it all possible. 

Happy Astra Day - 6 years ago!! Hardly seems possible.

Still suprisingly warm for the time of year - though cooled a little for Fireworks night... starting to take bookings for visits to the Christmas Lights...

October 2014

Still the summer goes on.. still warm even into the evenings... squeezed in two more visits from Gerald.

Christmas Lights preparations start...

September 2014

Still the summer goes on.. Alice & friends went home from their trip to the Carashed!, fresh from conquering surfing and the newly reopened Angarrack inn... the end of September brought Gerald again - and still the lovely weather held right to the 30th when we had the first real rain in ages... Lovely birthday trip to the Towans - so lucky to live here!

August 2014

Still the summer goes on.. bit damp for the Bank Holiday, but improving as we leave August for September and welcome Alice & friends to the Carashed!

July 2014

Still the summer goes on... had our first damp day in ages, but then back to the sun!  Raspberries, broad beans and courgettes all brilliant... TdF time now too.. looking forward to welcoming Alex, Steh and Ellie soon too ;)

June 2014

Incredible summer this year - the sunshine just goes on and on!! Lovely trip to Padstow to celebrate our anniversary. Just a brilliant trip!

May 2014

Fantastic weather - definitely feels like summer's here... looking forward to welcoming Gerald again and for those planning to visit the Carashed - it's booking fast!

April 7 2014

First Ice Cream at Godrevy... must be spring! with glimpses of bluebells too

Spring 2014!

Forsythia and cherry are spectacular

March 2014

Very good year for Camellias... but it's wet!!!!  Welcome to Simes who manages to pick a dryish time to visit!

February 2014

Crocuses everywhere - and the snowdrops are still holding on...  Welcome to Gerald...

December 2013

Christmas Lights again! Lots of visitors to come and see them... then the great tour... and welcome to Charlotte and Matt!

November 2013

November comes in with a bang - and Simes ;) the rest of the month super busy getting the most ever lights up!

October 2013

Still hanging on to skirts, shorts and sandals ;) looking forward to Gerald visiting and hoping the weather lasts until the end of the month...

September 2013

Seems impossible it can be September already! What a beautiful summer it's been and as Cornwall gently returns to being ours again as people go home it's lovely to go visiting the countryside again.

August 2013

Catching up with Shaun & Caroyln again - exciting (if dampl) trip to The Hidden Hut for one of their legendary feasts made even better with some lovely honey Vodka... helped Alex celebrate his 21st.. great fun!

July 2013

Surprise visit and stay from Rita and John - brilliant fun catching up, walking the dogs, sharing fish and chips and of course one of their legendary barbeques!

April 2013

Looking forward to Shaun & Carolyn coming down and hopefully Cornwall will put her best face on for them! - Lovely visit with Shaun & Carolyn & Ellie & Anna to Trengwainton to see the magnolias, Country Skittles and a trip down memory lane with a visit to the Duchy - though the wonderful Fuschia expert Sue retired last May apparently.  Sue was responsible for my obsession with Fuschia microphylla...

Although it's April now, it seems February has been having such a
great time it doesn't want to leave us! though Russell's managed to get
some shorts on briefly...

February 2013

Spring is springing! The snowdrops which started second week in January are almost over, the crocuses are divine and the camellias have just started in earnest - Gerald picked a brilliant time for a visit - Russell's been inspired into shorts!

December 2012 great month - lots of visitors, lights brilliant - thou last half of month rather more than wet!  Had to wring hats out post Elving duties!!

September 2012 welcome to Gerald

September 2012 - recovering from the return visit of Team Alex (see
Alex's visit for their previous one!)! Great to see you again guys!

July 2012 welcome to Sarah, Amy and Izzy ;)

June 2012 welcome to Gerald

December 2011 - Simes again ;)

November 2011 Been busy getting the Angarrack Christmas Lights ready for their 25th year and looking forward to hosting some visitors who're making the trek to see us and the lights... Astra's dusting off her Christmas collar ready for bucket duties too.

March 2011 Partying with Simes - plenty of Formula action!

December 2010 Preparing to party again - this time for the Pikes.. fingers crossed the weather's kind!

August 2010 Preparing to party again - this time for Alex's visit...

July 2010 Preparing to party again - this time for Simes' flying visit...

June 2009 Thanks again to everyone who made the trek to Cornwall to celebrate with us, we had the absolute best time - burnt lips not withstanding! - the last partiers finally went home Tuesday morning... if f you've registered with the site you should be able to see a small selection of pictures here