Dollar Cove

I've long wanted to go to Dollar Cove - but it's mysteriously missing from Ordnance Survey maps.... today, after a visit to Halzephron House I had an opportunity and (apart from nearly being blown away!), it was just as pretty as I'd hoped.

Here are some pictures -



Bluebell woods at Carlidnack in Cornwall

The bluebells were early this year and have been looking lovely in the garden and around the village, but I especially liked this picture of Bluebell woods at Carlidnack in Cornwall.

The woods by our house | Tracey's Other Blog

Rock sculpture at Penzance

The weather this last fortnight has been amazing - like June, with beautiful blue skies to match. Too busy enjoying it to take any photos but was struck by this one from Penzance posted on Twitter.

From a couple of weeks ago, I didn't build the rocks up ... on Twitpic

Isn't Nature Amazing

I had an internet moment today, looking up something lead to something else, which lead to something else which lead to this beautiful picture

Fractal structure of mountain and valley systems. Here's a small scaled-down sample of STRM dataset around Sydney



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